Boring Company Proposal Could Double Las Vegas Loop Size

Photo: The Boring Company

The Boring Company recently filed a proposal with the city of Las Vegas that could double the size of the company’s underground tunnels, as detailed in a report from TechCrunch.

Included in The Boring Company’s submission are expansions that would bring the Las Vegas loop to 65 miles of underground tunnels, with a total of 69 stations around the outskirts of downtown.

If approved by the city, new stations would be just a few blocks from local attractions such as the University of Nevada, the Allegiant Stadium, and the Harry Reid International Airport, among others.

Additionally, the plans include a second tunnel on The Strip, which TechCrunch suggests could be used for an express system alongside the regular route.

The filing also says construction could begin as soon as this summer and be completed by February 2024, but it’s unclear whether this includes the whole loop or just a few initial stations, etc.

Currently, The Boring Company’s Las Vegas loop has around 70 Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) servicing just five stations located two miles apart.

Funded by a $52.5 million contract with the Las Vegas Convention Center, the underground loop is looking to open a sixth station later this year.