Las Vegas Approves Boring Company Loop Expansion to City Limits [VIDEO]

Las vegas loop boring company

The City of Las Vegas has announced it has approved the installation and operation of The Boring Company’s proposed Vegas Loop expansion to city limits.

Mayor Carolyn Goodman asked residents if they had any safety concerns about the Vegas Loop tunnel expansion on Tuesday. The plan is to extend tunnels underneath Las Vegas Boulevard and up to Fremont street. The initial Vegas Loop is a 29-mile tunnel network to connect 51 stations through the resort corridor and beyond.

The Boring Company will build its tunnel expansion without any public funds. The agreement is a 50-year non-exclusive with the City of Las Vegas, to use the right of way to build a private transportation system, constructed and operated by Elon Musk’s company.

The Vegas Loop is envisioned to be a 34+ mile tunnel network with 55+ stations including Harry Reid Airport and Allegiant Stadium, plus 5+ miles of tunnels and 5+ stations would fall within Las Vegas jurisdiction.

The Boring Company would pay for all standard plan check, permit and inspection fees.

The decision was made on Wednesday and was unanimously approved by mayor and council. A presentation was made that details the Vegas Loop and its safety features, including the use of Model X and Model Y vehicles, while the system also has real-time gas and smoke detection, plus a ventilation system designed to NFPA standards.

YouTube video

You can take a look at the Vegas Loop from earlier this year, a 1.7 mile tunnel that’s 40 feet underground at the Las Vegas Convention Center, connecting the South Hall to Central Hall and West Hall, reducing a traditionally 45-minute walk in desert heat into a 2-minute commute:

YouTube video

“Good luck drivers and everybody else that’s working on this, let’s get it going,” concluded mayor Goodman.