NIO Owners Need to Pass Quiz Before Using Driver Assist

Following a fatal accident in a NIO ES8, China’s NIO has decided to start requiring users to take a test before using its Navigate on Pilot (NOP) and NIO Pilot advanced driver assistance systems (ADASs).

On Monday, NIO began deploying what it calls the NIO Pilot exam, which includes a six-minute video and a ten-question quiz, according to CNEVPost.

The video shares information about NIO Pilot and NOP, and it also emphasizes the important detail that the systems are not autonomous driving systems, but rather are assisted driving features that require the attention and control of the driver at all times.

The video goes on to detail how Pilot and NOP can help the driver control the vehicle within specific speed parameters, while helping the driver to stay within the lanes, then offering up the quiz following the video.

Upon correctly answering all ten quiz questions, the user is awarded 200 NIO Credits and is able to then use both of the ADAS features.

The announcement follows a similar one made by Xpeng Motors in March, which also required users to take a test before being able to use the company’s Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) feature.

NIO delivered 21,896 vehicles in Q2 this year, marking a 112 percent increase year-over-year, with NIO also earning a 125 percent increase year-over-year in the amount of vehicles delivered in July.