Stories by Nehal Malik

Tesla 2020.40.8.11 Update: Full Self-Driving Beta Test Loops [VIDEOS]

Tesla owner James Locke is among the many ‘chosen ones’ currently participating in the open beta of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software, and he has been sharing test drive videos with us via his YouTube channel. With the second version of the beta out yesterday, Tesla software update 2020.40.8.11, James has run test drives on two […]

SpaceX Soars to New Milestone: 100th Successful Flight

According to SpaceX, the Elon Musk-owned aerospace manufacturer has finally reached the milestone of 100 successful liftoffs, led by the latest Falcon 9 launch on Saturday. Falcon 9 launches SpaceX’s 100th successful flight → — SpaceX (@SpaceX) October 24, 2020 Liftoff! — SpaceX (@SpaceX) October 24, 2020 On Saturday, Oct. 24, SpaceX […]

First Tesla Cybertruck Supercharger Stalls Now in the Works

The city council of Pasadena, California, has approved plans for a Tesla Supercharger station in the city that will house six charging stalls designed exclusively for Tesla’s Cybertruck, reports Teslarati. Tesla's first Cybertruck-specific Supercharger spaces are now official — TESLARATI (@Teslarati) October 20, 2020 Tesla is quickly expanding its arsenal of Supercharger stations. Back in […]

Tesla Model Y Now Comes With Double-Paned Windows

In a Reddit thread in a community dedicated to Tesla’s Model Y, user /u/Pirate43 shared an interesting discovery — their freshly delivered Model Y, with a VIN number on the higher end of the 63XXX series, came fitted with double-paned glass windows. Not long after Tesla confirmed the Tesla Model 3 2021 refresh would come with double-paned laminated […]

New Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. and Canada Overview [Oct. 16-23]

After opening 11 new Supercharger stations in the U.S during the first half of October alone, Tesla is showing no signs of slowing down. During the past week, the EV giant opened up three brand new Supercharger stations for EV owners across the country. Here are the specifics on three of Tesla’s newest U.S-based Supercharger […]

SpaceX to Give Free Starlink Internet to School District in Rural Texas

SpaceX is actually making a point of bringing internet to areas deprived of it, and it is starting with rural areas in the U.S. According to PCMag, SpaceX’s Starlink is teaming up with the Ector County Independent School District in Texas to provide free satellite broadband to homes in its vicinity. “Our research clearly indicates the […]

New Tesla Superchargers in the U.S. Overview [Oct. 1-15]

Tesla is working tirelessly to add more Supercharger stations to its repertoire. Let’s take a look at the new Supercharger stations that have started catering to Tesla owners in the U.S. during the first half of October, with data compiled thanks to Supercharge. Date Opened Location Number of Stalls Power Rating Official Listing Oct. 1, […]

Tesla Sales Centers Coming to Saskatoon and Winnipeg

In a tweet published on Saturday, @saskevca reveals that Tesla is looking for sales advisors in Saskatoon and Winnipeg in Canada. The information comes directly from the official Tesla website, where two new job listings for a Tesla Advisor (Sales) can be found — one in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and the other in Winnipeg, Manitoba. .@Tesla […]

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Construction Update for Oct. 16 [4K VIDEO]

In a recently published YouTube video, @Gf4Tesla gives us another aerial view of the construction progress on Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory as of October 16. First of all, let’s talk about the elephant in the room — it would appear that news reports of construction at the site being stopped were absolutely false, as we can […]

Nikola Stock Falls as General Motors Deal Comes Into Question

Following a statement in which Nikola Corp.’s CEO said the company will still be able to proceed with its plans if the technology sharing and manufacturing deal with General Motors falls through, share prices fell as much as 16% by end of trading on Friday — reports Bloomberg Green. Nikola CEO says the startup’s plans are […]

Tesla Overtakes Apple as Top Investment Choice for Millennials: Report

According to Teslarati, Tesla has successfully taken over Apple as the go-to stock for millennials to invest in. This information comes from Apex Clearing — a custody and clearing company out of Dallas, Texas. In a report the firm released for Q3 2020, Apex Clearing announced that Tesla has definitively taken over as the #1 most […]

Gigafactory Austin Construction Update for Oct. 10 [4K VIDEO]

On October 10, YouTuber Jeff Roberts brought us another construction update on Tesla’s Gigafactory 5 in Austin, Texas. October 10 marks day 80 of construction on the site, located in southeastern Travis County at Harold Green Road and Texas 130. The aerial video, shot in 4K using an iPhone 11 Pro Max and a DJI […]

First Glimpse Inside Gigafactory Berlin’s Drive Unit Building

Images shared by Twitter user @Gf4Tesla in a recent tweet seem to showcase the progress being made on Giga Berlin’s construction. However, this is more than your typical construction update, as images shared in a follow-up tweet give us our first look from inside a building on the premises. #GigaBerlin Photos leaked from inside the ' Drive […]

Electric Vehicles Save You More Money vs Gas-Powered Cars: Consumer Reports

As reported by Ars Technica, a new study conducted American nonprofit consumer organization Consumer Reports conclusively proves that electric vehicles are significantly cheaper than traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles over the course of their respective lifespans. Fuel Savings✔️ Lower Maintenance Costs✔️ Less Depreciation✔️ “As battery prices and technology improve, prices come down, and more attractive models hit […]