Tesla Sued in the Netherlands Over Dissatisfaction With Products and Services

Tesla is one of the most successful ventures out there at the moment, hitting stock price highs left and right, and capturing the interest of every generation.

Not everyone seems to be happy with the company, however, as 100+ owners of Tesla vehicles in the Netherlands, dissatisfied with Tesla’s products and services, are looking to sue the company, according to a Reddit thread citing an article from the NL Times.

The class-action lawsuit is being developed and brought by the Tesla Claim Foundation based out of the Netherlands. The foundation is headed by chairman Wouter van Waning, who the foundation’s website describes as a “dissatisfied Tesla driver”.

The foundation claims that Tesla is not actually a service-oriented company, manufacturing and delivering vehicles that are defective from the get-go or exhibit a host of issues even though they are advertised as “maintenance-free” vehicles.

In addition, the foundation claims that Tesla is uncooperative towards its customers, with the process of making appointments for repairs being too complicated and time-consuming, and repairs being charged to customers despite their vehicles being under-warranty.

Even though Tesla vehicles are not impervious to defects and recalls are sometimes in order, many Reddit users argued in favor of the EV pioneer, stating that they have no issues getting appointments for repairs, repairs are always covered under the warranty, and that they’ve found Tesla vehicles to function as advertised.

The Tesla Claim Foundation’s website states that a Dutch judge has already ruled Tesla vehicles do not adhere to what customers can reasonably expect from a brand new car, ordering Tesla to take back the complainants’ cars.

The foundation is looking for more dissatisfied Tesla owners to represent, with complaints that include (but are not limited to) drive shafts that break, non-functional doors, cars that suddenly brake mid-drive, creaking noises, and batteries that don’t last as long as advertised.

Why does this rampant dissatisfaction with Tesla products and services seem to be prevalent exclusively in the Netherlands? Could this simply be a ploy to capitalize on the momentum from Dutch courts bearing down on American companies, or does Tesla need to seriously up its game in the region?