Tesla Model Y Now Comes With Double-Paned Windows

In a Reddit thread in a community dedicated to Tesla’s Model Y, user /u/Pirate43 shared an interesting discovery — their freshly delivered Model Y, with a VIN number on the higher end of the 63XXX series, came fitted with double-paned glass windows.

Image: /u/Pirate43 on Reddit

Not long after Tesla confirmed the Tesla Model 3 2021 refresh would come with double-paned laminated glass windows for “better soundproofing”, it seems the automaker has also decided to give the Model Y the same treatment.

On the same Reddit thread, users with Model Y’s with VINs in the 62XXX range up to 628XX were able to confirm that their vehicles did not have double-paned glass windows, as much as they wanted them to.

Double-pane glass windows consist of two separate glass panes in the same frame, with a small space containing an air pocket between them to provide better insulation. Having double-pane glass windows will allow for better soundproofing in your vehicle, and provide better climate control for its interior.

VINs for Model Y’s that have double-pane windows don’t really tell us exactly when this change was made, so we’ll have to wait until we get build dates for these cars to figure that out.

With the already solid Model Y getting some beefy software upgrades, a few design upgrades were definitely in order. Model Y owners seem to unanimously love the change, with some who don’t have double-pane glass windows showing interest in having them retrofitted to their Model Y.