Tesla Semi Delivers Pre-Fabricated Superchargers to Laguna Seca [VIDEO]

Tesa has installed 8 Superchargers at the Laguna Seca Raceway in central California, @TeslaCharging said in a tweet on Wednesday morning. The electric vehicle (EV) maker was able to install the chargers really quickly since they came pre-fabricated.

Tesla started using pre-assembled Superchargers to fast-track deployment last year. These have Supercharger stalls already set up on concrete slabs and only require a power connection to start charging.

Tesla has previously used pre-fabricated Superchargers at Gigafactory Texas, a Supercharger location in Beaver, Utah, and more. They also allowed the company to put up 12 new Supercharging stalls at a site in Brooksville, Florida, in just eight days.

Laguna Seca is a 2.238 miles long paved road racing track located near both Salinas and Monterey, California. The raceway features a 180 ft elevation change.

According to Supercharge.info, all of the new stations installed at Laguna Seca are V3 Superchargers capable of delivering up to 250 kW per car. The pre-fabricated Superchargers were transported to the site on a Tesla Semi.

It’s exciting to see Superchargers added to Laguna Seca, especially considering Tesla’s EVs have given the racetrack many records and impressive laps. Tesla owners visiting Laguna Seca will be able to take advantage of the on-site Superchargers.

Those who drive other EVs may soon benefit from the Laguna Seca Superchargers as well, given that Tesla is gradually opening its Supercharging network up to EVs from other automakers.