Tesla Calling Model X Plaid Orders to Pick 6 Seat Layout Options



Following Tesla’s plans to discontinue the five and seven-seat variants of the Model X Plaid last month, the company is apparently upgrading some customers of the five-seat variant for free.

Tesla is upgrading Model X Plaid customers from the five-seat configuration to the six-seat configuration for free, according to a tweet on Monday from buyer @Warren Redlich.

“Just got a call from @Tesla,” said Warren on Monday. “My Plaid X order is being upgraded from 5 seat to 6 seat at no extra charge,” he explained.

As for how Tesla is handling Model X Plaid orders with 7 seats? According to TMC forum user ’tiltedrubber’ on Tuesday, Tesla is calling those with orders the 7 seat Model X Plaid won’t be manufactured. They had a choice of a $3,000 USD price adjustment for downgrading to 6 seats.

The user also had an option to switch to a Long Range Model X, which still has the 7 seat option, and would have “first priority” for either choice. They decided on the 6 seat downgrade for their Model X Plaid, which had a March 2022 estimated delivery date.

Last month, Tesla also increased the Model X Plaid price by $6,500 USD, for a new starting price of $131,990 — increased from the previous $126,490 USD.

A review of a seven-seat Model X Plaid configuration popped up in Taiwan last month, including the new CCS2 charging port.

The new CCS2 charging port in China features a two-stage opening hatch that’s concealed by the side of the taillight.

The Model X Plaid was seen in a new video going from 0 to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds last month, a pleasant surprise for the crew performing the test.

A number of Tesla Model X units were also spotted performing some high-speed testing at the company’s Fremont factory in January.

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