Tesla Opens Massive Minhang Delivery Center in China



Photo: @JayinShanghai

Last week, Tesla announced plans to open another delivery center in Shanghai, and now the center is officially opening following the company’s grand opening ceremony and delivery party.

Tesla China hosted a grand opening and delivery ceremony at its new Minhang Delivery Center in Shanghai, as depicted in photos from @JayinShanghai. The event included first deliveries for a number of customers, as well as a ribbon-cutting event to officially inaugurate the facility.

Photo: @JayinShanghai

In August, Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai reached a Model Y output of 1,000 cars per day, while September registration lines overflowed in various cities across China due to high Tesla Model Y sales numbers – both of which make it clear that Tesla’s demand in China may be higher than ever.

Photo: @JayinShanghai


Photo: @JayinShanghai

Last month, Tesla also opened a massive delivery center in Beijing, China, considered China’s largest Tesla delivery center. The U.S. company also opened a Tesla delivery and service center in Chengdu, China last year, expected to deliver hundreds of vehicles per day.

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai is now producing more vehicles than its factory in Fremont, California.

Tesla is also set to open its first delivery center in Japan in November, located in Ariake, and it’s set to open on November 1.

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