Tesla Model Y Popularity Causing Registration Line Ups in China: Report

Photo: qq.com

A Chinese minister reported that China has “too many” electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers earlier this month, and despite encouragements for companies to consolidate, only one U.S.-based automaker seems to have reached new levels of demand in Q3.

The Tesla Model Y has flooded China’s various Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) with the electric SUV seemingly reaching an all-time high for demand in what is the world’s largest auto market, according to a Chinese media story, reports Tesmanian (use coupon TESLANORTH10 to save 10% off floor mats and more).

Owners have reported that the Model Y, and particularly the Standard Range (SR) variant, is the most witnessed car at the DMV locations.

While registration data for Q3 and for September have yet to be released, the phenomenon has taken place across China, depicting an incredible network of Tesla Model Y buyers, following the company’s release of the SR variant.

One Model Y buyer at the License Plate Center in Shanghai’s Pudong New District reported having to visit China’s DMV twice to retrieve his license plate, and still had to wait out quite the queue to get it – while nearly every car around him was also a Model Y.

Another buyer in Nantong, Jiangsu had similar things to say about his local DMV, revealing a similarly high ratio of Model Y SR vehicles to others – saying also that Tesla had reached a new milestone in popularity.

Similar situations were spotted with overwhelming amounts of Model Y units at DMV locations in the Guangdong province, as well as cities including Shenzen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Wuhan.

Tesla’s production in China for August has been reported at 41,754 vehicles according to GASGOO data, with Model Y taking 21,785 and Model 3 at 19,969 units.