Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai Model Y Output Hits 1,000 Cars Per Day [VIDEO]

Photo: Wu Wa

Tesla’s Model Y production at its Gigafactory Shanghai has reached some pretty impressive heights, even as the company ships some of the first Tesla Model Y units to land in Europe.

A video posted by Wu Wa on Friday shows 4K drone footage of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai, just as the facility’s production of the phase two Model Y batch has reached 1,000 units per day.

In addition, the video’s description claims that the company has exceed 800 Model 3 units per day, signaling that the Model Y has entered a high-yield stage of production.

In the video, we see sweeping shots of the massive Shanghai-based factory, including those of parking lots filled with Model 3 and Model Y units.

In July, Tesla released a video showing off its Model Y build quality at Gigafactory Shanghai, which even depicted the unit driving through water-logged trenches without being harmed.

On top of providing electric vehicles (EVs) for the Chinese auto market, Tesla’s Shanghai production facility also ships cars to other locations in Asia, Australia, and to Europe – though Tesla is also working on the completion of its Gigafactory Berlin, which will eventually deliver vehicles to the company’s Europe customers.

You can watch Wu Wa’s full drone flyover of Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai below.

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