Tesla to Open Another Shanghai Delivery Center Next Friday

Photo: Tesla (via @JayinShanghai)

After opening Asia’s largest Tesla delivery center in Beijing, China last month, the company is officially set to open another new delivery center this month.

On Wednesday, Tesla announced plans to open a new delivery center in Shanghai, with a grand opening ceremony taking place Friday, October 22, according to @JayinShanghai. The delivery center is also set to be located in Shanghai’s Minhang District.

With Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai hitting record deliveries in September both in China and with exports to other countries, the company’s presence in Chinese and Asian markets is strong, with demand being evidenced by recent growths in popularity.

In the same month, the Tesla Model Y was causing backups at various DMV locations in cities across China, as new owners of the electric SUV got their units registered for the first time.

In August, Tesla unveiled a cheaper, entry-level Model Y Standard Range variant for customers in China, contributing to the company’s impressive bump in sales.

The news also comes amidst growing competition for Tesla, as electric vehicle (EV) popularity begins outpacing luxury gas cars for the first time year-over-year. As Tesla, NIO and other EV manufacturers in the Chinese market grew last month, luxury gas car sales in the region plummeted.