Tesla Model Y Standard Range Now Delivering to Customers in China


As Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) continue to take the world by storm, a new variant of one of the automaker’s vehicles that became available for preorders over the summer has just begun delivering to customers.

Tesla began delivering the Model Y Standard Range (SR) variant in China on Thursday, according to a new report from CNEVPost. The first deliveries come just a month and a half after the Tesla Model Y SR launched in China on July 7.

New preorder customers were invited to a Tesla Owner’s Seminar, where the company held a delivery ceremony and officially handed keys over to a number of eager Tesla Model Y buyers.

Yesterday, Tesla China showed off the Model Y production line at Giga Shanghai, revealing an incredible assembly process from start to finish, which you can view below:

YouTube video

The Tesla Model Y SR starts at a price of RMB 276,000 ($42,650 USD) following government subsidies, which is even cheaper than the previous starting price model, costing RMB 347,900 ($53,675 USD).

Delivery for other variants of the Model Y, like the Performance model, is expected sometime during Q3 2021.

The news also comes just a week after a filing in China revealed Tesla’s plans for a “super long-range” Model Y. In addition, the company is planning to build at least five Tesla Model Y variants total in China, though it’s unclear when or how exactly the units will be deployed to customers.