Tesla Model S Plaid Deliveries Land in Hawaii



Image: @AlohaTesla on Twitter

According to a recent tweet from Aloha Tesla (@AlohaTesla), Tesla Model S Plaid units have finally made their way to Hawaii — a little over 2 months after Tesla delivered the first 25 units to customers at the Model S Plaid delivery event in Fremont, California.

The Plaid units were spotted on the island of Oʻahu, which is home to multiple Tesla sales and service centers in the capital city of Honolulu near the southern shore.

O’ahu is also slated to be the site of the first public Tesla Supercharger in Hawaii. The first Supercharger in Hawaii was a 4-stall installation on the island of Lana’i, 98% of which is owned by active Tesla board member and Oracle billionaire, Larry Ellison, who currently lives there.

While @AlohaTesla only got to play around in the Model S Plaid pictured in their tweet, they did note that their own Model S Plaid should arrive on the islands sometime next month. We can expect to see a lot more content revolving around the Model S Plaid from the Tesla-saddled Hawaii explorer when that happens.

The Model S Plaid costs $129,990 USD, and is the fastest ‘production car’ ever with a 0-60 mph time of 1.99 seconds and a rated 1/4 mile time of 9.23 seconds. Last month, the Model S Plaid set a new world record for fastest 1/4 mile ever at 9.08 seconds.


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