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Cruise Teases ‘Poppy’ the Autonomous Vehicle in San Francisco [VIDEO]

Autonomous vehicles are quickly becoming a reality, even as self-driving company Cruise has introduced its most recent California-based driverless vehicle to the public. Cruise shared a new video on Tuesday of what it calls “one of [its] favorite self-driving vehicles,” depicting the autonomous vehicle Poppy. According to the video’s description, the autonomous vehicle delivered thousands […]

Tesla FSD Beta 9 Tackles Downtown San Francisco [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 9 was released on Saturday, and it’s already making waves across the internet as beta testers share their experiences with the system. AI Addict released a video on Saturday driving around downtown San Francisco with the newly-released Tesla FSD beta 9. The video shows several different street circumstances, many of […]

Tesla FSD Beta 9 Conquers San Francisco’s Lombard Street [VIDEO]

After Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) with radar attempted to conquer San Francisco’s Lombard Street last year, the company’s new camera-only FSD 9 beta is out, and it’s taken on the extremely windy road. Whole Mars Catalog took Tesla’s camera-vision FSD beta 9 down San Francisco’s Lombard Street in the middle of the night, and for […]

Watch Tesla FSD Beta Tackle San Francisco’s Busy Chestnut Street at Night with Ease [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta continues to impress and the latest video shared by @WholeMarsBlog demonstrates just how advanced the system is at the moment. @WholeMarsBlog has shared numerous videos of FSD beta driving in downtown San Francisco, California, and the latest introduces one of the most impressive challenges we’ve seen the autonomous driving system […]

New Tesla Service Center Coming to Colma in San Francisco

Tesla is set to open a new service center for sales and delivery in the town of Colma in San Francisco, located at 1500 Collins Avenue and Junipero Serra Boulevard. According to a recent video shared by SF Tesla Club (@sfteslaclub), the site is showing a large Tesla banner and other preparations of an opening...