Tesla FSD Beta 9 Tackles Downtown San Francisco [VIDEO]



Photo: AI Addict

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 9 was released on Saturday, and it’s already making waves across the internet as beta testers share their experiences with the system.

AI Addict released a video on Saturday driving around downtown San Francisco with the newly-released Tesla FSD beta 9. The video shows several different street circumstances, many of which the system handles very well, while the driver also does have to intervene a handful of times.

About 13 seconds into the video, the vehicle briefly delves into the bus lane incorrectly, before being corrected by the driver. A number of similar mistakes by the FSD system do occur throughout the video, though it still depicts pretty impressive performance for having been out less than a week.

Breaking down the FSD beta 9 update, the host of the video said, “We did have to have a few takeovers throughout this drive, but it’s rather impressive in all its other aspects.” The host continued, “Sometimes when you go forward you have to take two steps forward and one step back, and this software clearly went forward a good amount.”

While the FSD beta 9 performance is still far from public availability, the move from radar to pure camera-based sensing technology is truly an insane accomplishment, and the more drivers utilize the software, the more data it will use to improve itself.

Check out the video below–there are times from FSD beta 9 has a mind of its own and shows the system still needs some work, as some instances shocked AI Addict:

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