Watch Tesla FSD Beta Tackle San Francisco’s Busy Chestnut Street at Night with Ease [VIDEO]



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Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta continues to impress and the latest video shared by @WholeMarsBlog demonstrates just how advanced the system is at the moment.

@WholeMarsBlog has shared numerous videos of FSD beta driving in downtown San Francisco, California, and the latest introduces one of the most impressive challenges we’ve seen the autonomous driving system face.

San Francisco’s Marina District has a busy commercial strip, with touristy Chestnut Street offering numerous restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and bars.

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The busy street is where @WholeMarsBlog took his Model 3 with FSD beta to test at night, according to a video shared on Saturday.

“Craziest FSD video of the night!”, said @WholeMarsBlog, citing it was an “extreme stress test” on Chestnut Street.

“I seriously shit my pants when I saw it do this without any interventions! I couldn’t believe it. Jaw on the floor,” said @WholeMarsBlog, adding “this is very bullish @elonmusk.”

The video shows FSD beta able to handle a narrow Chestnut street that’s full of pedestrians and cars temporarily parked on the side of the street, plus handle busy 4-way intersections with stop signs. The amount of data FSD beta is showing on the Model 3 display can be overwhelming, and is clear the system can see far beyond the eyes of human drivers.

Check it out below:

While mainstream media tends to highlight concerns around Tesla’s testing of Autopilot on public roads, Elon Musk recently pointed out there have been zero accidents with FSD beta testers, which now number nearly 2,000.

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