Watch Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta 8.2 Tackle Downtown San Francisco [VIDEO]



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YouTube channel AI Addict is currently testing out Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta and shared a new video of the autonomous driving system tackling busy downtown streets of San Francisco, California.

“In this video we test FSD Beta 8.2 around the city streets of famous San Francisco. We see how well the system handles numerous scenarios, including but not limited to: Speed bumps, a Roundabout, pedestrians, bicycles, as well as downtown driving,” explains AI Addict.

The video fast forwards through the parts of the video where FSD beta is able to easily handle, but then focuses on areas that need improvement, or where interventions are required.

For example, FSD beta in the video fails to make its way through a roundabout, while other times at an unprotected left turn, some manual acceleration was needed to nudge the car to proceed. Some left and right turns take a janky line in tricky city lanes, resulting in grabbing the wheel by AI Addict.

Overall, AI Addict says FSD beta 8.2 is better than 8.1, but “still needs improvement for heavy city driving.” Tesla FSD version 8.2 was released six days ago and its successor is coming shortly.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said earlier today FSD version 8.3 should be ready by the end of next week. When released, it will offer a “download beta” button for select customers with FSD purchased, to let them download the beta and try it out immediately.

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