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AMD Confirms Tesla Model S/X Refresh to Use its Graphics Chips

Following last year’s rumors that Tesla was considering AMD for its next Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), AMD has now confirmed the news, according to a new report. On Tuesday, during AMD’s Computex keynote, CEO Lisa Su confirmed that new Tesla Model S and X refresh will include the company’s AMD APU, a Ryzen processing chip […]

Tesla to Fix Model S/X ‘Acceleration Shudder’, Says Service Bulletin

  On Tuesday, @greentheonly discovered and shared a Tesla service bulletin for the so-called ‘acceleration shudder’ on Tesla’s Model X and S units. Tesla titled the bulletin “Replace Front Drive Unit Halfshafts,” adding that all 2014-2020 S and X units could be affected by the issue. While Green and a number of users commented on […]

Tesla Model S/X Refresh Customers Receive Updated Delivery Timelines

Tesla investor and enthusiast Sawyer Merritt (@SawyerMerritt) confirmed last night anyone who put in an order for a refreshed Tesla Model S or Model X before May 6 should now have the estimated delivery timeline updated on their Tesla account. @advz01 ordered a Model X on Feb 20th. He now has a new estimated delivery […]

Tesla Model X EU CCS Adapter Now Available Online

Charging a Tesla in Europe requires a bit different hardware than you’ll find in North America, but a recent update provides Model X owners an accessory directly from Tesla’s online shop. Tesla is now offering the EU CCS adapter on its website for the Model X, though it still must be ordered through the app […]

Tesla Reimbursing Model S/X Owners for 8GB eMMC Repair Costs

Tesla has started emailing Model S and Model X owners about reimbursing 8GB eMMC repair costs, according to @Model3Owners. 🚨 BREAKING: if you paid out of pocket for the eMMC repair you can submit to be reimbursed for the repair. This is *not* the MCU 2 upgrade rumor going around. I got this email for […]

NHTSA Still in Talks with Tesla Over ‘Yoke’ Steering Wheel, Review Ongoing

Tesla’s recently-released yoke-style steering wheel has come under investigation from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which has now released a new statement on its investigation of the steering wheel. Thursday, the NHTSA told Teslarati in a statement, “NHTSA is aware of the recently launched Tesla steering yoke in certain Model S vehicles. We requested […]

Tesla 2021.4.3 Update Fixes Rear Camera Darkness on Model S/X

Software update 2021.4.3 started rolling out to Tesla vehicles on Wednesday, boasting a number of improvements and fixes. According to a Reddit thread, the update has also fixed the rear camera darkness issue that’s been plaguing Model S and Model X units with the Media Control Unit (MCU) 2 upgrade since as far back as update 2020.48.35.5. […]

Tesla to Recall 135,000 Model S, Model X Vehicles Over Touchscreen Failures

Earlier this month the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) asked Tesla to recall 158,000 Model S and Model X vehicles, related to touchscreen failures posing a safety issue. Now on Tuesday, Tesla has agreed to the voluntary NHTSA recall, reports Reuters. According to Tesla in its filing with the NHTSA, it said “in the interest of […]