Tesla to Launch Model S/X Deliveries in South Korea in June

Tesla Korea has announced plans to begin delivering the Model S and X as soon as June, as was spotted on Monday by @TslaChan in a message sent to pre-order holders.

In addition, deliveries of the Model S and X are set to begin in Taiwan in June, both marking the first of the luxury models to be delivered since the refreshed models in 2021.

In the message and as translated from Korean, Tesla Korea writes, “Vehicle delivery is scheduled to begin in June, but the order may differ depending on the vehicle trim and production schedule for each option.”

Later in the thread, TslaChan also points out that the Model X Plaid includes only a six-person configuration, while the all-wheel-drive trim will instead be available as five-, six- and seven-seaters.

The news comes just a few days after Tesla launched orders for the Model S and X, and days after the automaker delivered its first of the luxury vehicles in China.

The vehicles are built at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory before being shipped to many markets around the world.

Last month, Tesla also signed a $2.9 billion nickel deal with South Korean company L&F, which will begin supplying nickel material to the U.S. automaker in early 2024.