Tesla Mysteriously Pauses Model S/X Orders in Australia

model s australia

Want to pre-order a Model S or Model X in Australia? Well, you can’t anymore as Tesla has mysteriously paused orders of its flagship sedan and SUV on its website.

The Tesla website now only shows a “Get Updates” button, a change made late Wednesday.

Previously, those in Australia could pre-order a Model S or Model X for $350 down, but that’s no longer possible. It’s unclear why Tesla removed the order button, but it could be related to production of the vehicles at its Fremont factory in California.

The Model S and Model X refresh were expected to debut in Australia in 2022, but that hasn’t happened.

For now, the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla’s high-volume production cars that are more affordable than the Model S and Model X, remain available on the website. Earlier this month, the Model 3/Y saw price drops in Australia.

For the Asia Pacific region, Tesla said it is set to launch Model S/X deliveries in South Korea in June. The difficulty with Model S/X is that these cars need to be shipped from California to other parts of the world, and that takes time.