Tesla Launches Model S/X Deliveries in China’s Mainland [VIDEO]

tesla model s/x china mainland

Tesla has officially launched Model S and Model X deliveries in China’s mainland, announced on Monday morning.

The Tesla Asian account shared a cool promo video of Model S and Model X vehicles offloading from a delivery ship today, as part of the announcement:

Back in October a Model S Plaid was spotted unloading in China, while screenshots from customers with orders showed deliveries were imminent at the time, but nothing happened until March 2023. It’s great to see customers finally get their hands on the new Model S and Model X.

These vehicles will be powered by Tesla Vision and also lack ultrasonic sensors. Tesla recently debuted a software update to bring camera-based Park Assist for vehicles without ultrasonic sensors. It’s possible this was first brought to life before these Model S and Model X deliveries took place in China.

The Tesla Model S and Model X are produced at the company’s factory in Fremont, California.