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Tesla’s Heat Pump Issue Reaches China, as 26,000 Cars Recalled

After issuing recalls in the U.S. and other markets for software issues relating to the heat pump, Tesla has followed up with a new recall for its China-made vehicles. Tesla has issued a recall notice applying to 26,047 Model 3/Y built at the automaker’s Shanghai Gigafactory, due to a software issue that may cause reduced […]

Tesla Heat Pump for the Home Being Considered, Says Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Senior Key Executive Andrew Baglino confirmed during the company’s Q4 2021 earnings call on Wednesday that we could eventually see a heat pump solution from Tesla for residential HVAC systems, heating, and hot water. When asked if and how Tesla’s advancements in automotive HVAC and heat pump technology could be […]

Tesla Fixing Heat Pump Issue is ‘High Priority’ Says Elon Musk

Some Tesla customers in extremely cold climates continue to deal with issues related to no heat and climate controls not working, related to newer Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with heat pumps. While two recent software updates were supposedly set to address the issue, Tesla has offered some customers heat pump system replacements to […]

Tesla Heat Pumps Keep Failing in Extreme Cold Weather

Several Tesla owners across Canada’s prairie provinces are reporting complete loss of cabin heat in temperatures that are, in some cases, dangerously below freezing — reports CTV News. Issues with in-cabin heating seem to be isolated to Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles (EVs) and only started popping up in mid-December following a […]

Tesla Model Y No Heat? It’s Related to Heater Sensor Says Company

According to a Reddit thread on the subject, Model Y owners have started receiving text messages and alerts (via the Tesla app) since yesterday for a “proactive” heater sensor replacement on their vehicles. The Model Y has been plagued with heating issues for as long as it’s been in production, with the earliest models of the all-electric […]

Tesla Owner Details Losing Heat During Winter Road Trip

Winter doesn’t seem to be the easiest time for Tesla owners, though what else can we expect from a car company based out of the Bay Area, California, where it doesn’t snow at all? In a new low for the saga of Tesla’s winter performance, one Tesla Model Y owner on Facebook has shared that […]

Tesla Model Y Heat Pump Cold Weather Test at -11C (12F) [VIDEO]

The addition of the heat pump to the Model Y has changed the game for the electric utility vehicle in terms of efficiency, and the results are just beginning to show. On Wednesday, YouTube channel Tesla Canuck released a new video, testing out the new Tesla Model Y heat pump in -11 degree (Celsius) weather. […]