Tesla Model Y No Heat? It’s Related to Heater Sensor Says Company



Image: User “imareddituserwow” on Reddit

According to a Reddit thread on the subject, Model Y owners have started receiving text messages and alerts (via the Tesla app) since yesterday for a “proactive” heater sensor replacement on their vehicles.

The Model Y has been plagued with heating issues for as long as it’s been in production, with the earliest models of the all-electric compact CUV proving to be most susceptible to them.

In most cases of these problems rearing their ugly heads, users experience a complete failure and loss of in-cabin heating when travelling in temperatures that dip lower than a certain threshold. When this threshold is crossed, one or more components within the Model Y’s Octovalve malfunction and the heat pump stops working.

From user accounts, the threshold for when the Model Y heating system becomes prone to failure appears to be around 20°F (-6C). Naturally, this means that Model Y owners living in or travelling through colder climates experience this problem most often, and so they’ll be the first ones to receive the fix.

The Reddit user who originally shared the development is a resident of Alaska and received the alert for their Model Y with a 33XXX VIN. The user hasn’t had any issues with their heating system yet, but as stated previously, Model Y units in colder climates are most vulnerable to heating failure.

“Proactive maintenance. My vehicle is functioning properly, but received an alert to schedule service. No actual errors or issues with heat,” said u/imareddituserwow.

This does not look like a recall of any kind. Model Y owners who receive the alert (either via text or the Tesla app) can schedule service via the mobile app to have the faulty sensor replaced. For some Model 3 owners with heat pump, these heating issues Model Y owners are experiencing may sound like deja vu.

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