Tesla Model Y Heat Failure Results in Service Request Message



Photo: Reddit user u/Snoo_97640

Some Tesla Model Y owners have reported losing heating capabilities during the winter, with a recent post to Reddit sharing a service request message signifying something wrong with the car’s heating system.

On Wednesday, a post on Reddit showed a picture of a “service request” message, which stated that “an unexpected condition [had] been detected with the heating and cooling system of [their] car.”

The message warned the owner that heating would work at a reduced performance level, and encouraged them to schedule a service appointment, although the nearest appointment was two weeks out.

Fortunately, the Michigan Tesla Model Y owner’s heat hadn’t gone out completely by the time the post was made, despite reporting some anxiety that it would before the appointment.

A fellow Reddit user responded saying they had a similar issue, but that the problem hadn’t recurred since the service appointment, and that it was best to reach out directly to the service center, since they could potentially prioritize the case, rather than waiting for the app’s next standard appointment.

Others shared that similar problems led to the replacement of a number of high and low pressure sensors, as well as a drain and recharge of the refrigerant system.

“Just got mine back from service. They replaced 2x PT Sensor, High Pressure(1510047-00-C) 1x PT Sensor, Low Pressure(1510048-00-C) They also drained and charged the refrigerant system with R1234YF refrigerant,” said u/epradox.

In any case, hopefully this user can get their heating back sooner rather than later, as losing heating in the midst of winter probably isn’t what most Tesla owners have in mind when purchasing their “luxury” vehicles.

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