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Tesla Gives YouTuber Extensive Walkthrough of Gigafactory Berlin [VIDEO]

Tesla recently gave German YouTuber AlexiBexi a full tour of the automaker’s massive Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg. As part of the guided walkthrough, AlexiBexi got up close and personal with some of the most important parts of the vehicle manufacturing facility, including the foundry, body shop, paint shop, and assembly floor. “Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin-Brandenburg is […]

Tesla’s Giga Berlin Factory Achieves 5,000 Cars per Week Milestone [Update]

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, has recently hit a major milestone by producing 5,000 cars per week, according to a tweet liked by CEO Elon Musk. Update: Tesla has confirmed the 5,000 per week number on Saturday. Giga Berlin hits 5k builds/week—1 year after delivering the first vehicles to customers — Tesla (@Tesla) March […]

Tesla Applies to Expand Giga Berlin Production to 1 Million Cars Annually

Tesla has officially applied to expand Giga Berlin production to 1 million cars produced annually. The automaker confirmed it had submitted its first application to the state of Brandenburg on Wednesday, publication RBB reported on Thursday. The electric automaker said an application for partial approval of its expansion plans has been submitted to the responsible State […]

Tesla Bans Drone Flights Over Gigafactory Berlin

Tesla has banned drone flights over its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg site, as pointed out on Monday by drone videography account @WolfpackBerlin. The account says that Tesla specifically informed them that flights over the plant are forbidden, and will only be allowed once per quarter down the line. The practice has been common from groups like WolfpackBerlin […]

‘Tesla South’ Train Station Coming for Giga Berlin Employees in Q2: Report

Tesla is applying to expand its Gigafactory Berlin to include rail transport and a train shuttle service, according to documents seen by German publication dated January 13 (via @Berlinergy). The documents show Tesla’s designs for concrete to support passenger transport, using the current Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn GmbH (DRE) tracks alongside plans to build a new […]

Tesla’s Giga Berlin Should Ramp Up Production, Says Local Minister

Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg needs to to ramp up production even more, according to Germany’s Economic Minister Jörg Steinbach in a statement on Thursday (via Reuters). Steinbach said that Tesla’s Giga Berlin should speed up production specifically to help reduce wait times for buyers, stated at a public discussion hosted by one of Germany’s largest industrial […]

Tesla Faces Union Concerns in Germany Over Working Hours at Giga Berlin

Tesla is facing scrutiny from the German union IG Metall and local officials over worker claims of unfair working hours and a fear of speaking out at the company’s Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, according to a report from Reuters. At its yearly news conference, IG Metall said that there was a growing number of employees reporting longer […]