2020 Model Y Deliveries Begin: Official Tesla Video

Tesla recently announced that Model Y deliveries have officially begun. On March 16th they posted this video to their YouTube channel to mark the moment. As we’ve already seen demonstrated in a slew of videos covering the Model Y, the features here are abundant. Tesla’s official video takes a slightly different angle from those posted […]

How Will Tesla Handle the Bay Area Lockdown?

  As of yesterday, March 16th, six counties in the Bay Area have ordered residents to ‘shelter in place’ in light of the coronavirus outbreak. However, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Inc., plans to keep its Fremont manufacturing plant open. The Fremont plant employs 10,000 people. Elon Musk sent a company email to update Tesla employees. […]

Tesla Stock Price Falls in Light of Bay Area Shelter in Place Order

The coronavirus caused the Bay Area to issue a shelter in place order this week. At first, it appeared as though Tesla would continue to operate manufacturing in their Fremont, California Gigafactory. However, the factory’s ability to remain in operation was stopped by a recent order from the Alameda County Sheriff. It declared Tesla a […]

Video Reveals Unique Tesla Model Y Features

In a new video, Volted shows off some features of the Tesla Model Y. The video titled, “Model Y Hidden Features! What Tesla Didn’t Tell Us” is quite an informative watch. The video covers some features that one may expect from the Model Y. Take, for instance, how many users were excited about the possible […]

New Drone Footage Tracks Progress of Tesla Berlin Gigafactory

  A recent video from Tesla Kid Grünheide shows the current status of Tesla’s progress on its new Berlin Gigafactory. As the project is about one month underway, Tesla enthusiasts are eager to see how the company is moving ahead. The Berlin Gigafactory marks a major milestone for the electric vehicle manufacturer. The construction of […]

First Look: Tesla Model Y Video Walkthroughs

It’s finally arrived. Tesla owners across America have started to receive their Tesla Model Y deliveries. As you may have predicted, Tesla owners are not shy about showing off their purchases. Some recent videos showcase some of the electric vehicle’s key features. In a video titled “Tesla Model Y First Impressions” by Teslanomics with Ben […]

Potential Trailer Mode Update for Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual is full of helpful information, tips, and features for the new electric vehicle. One hyperlink titled “Trailer Mode” found in the “Electric Connections” section of the manual sheds light on a potential future update. In fact, the manual suggests that Tesla may have plans to make Trailer Mode available […]

Heat Pump Adds Additional Benefits to Tesla Model Y

All the small details that Tesla owners have come to know and love are coming to light with the recent round of Model Y deliveries. In a recent post, Reddit user matt687 shared some information about the Model Y heat pump. As the post points out, the heat pump illuminates some extra benefits on the […]

Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual Is Now Online

  Deliveries of the new Tesla Model Y have electric car enthusiasts all across North America glowing with excitement. Tesla’s also posted the official Model Y Owner’s Manual on their website. As you may expect, the manual covers all the basics for the new Tesla Model Y owner. The manual explains key features such as […]

Jasper, Alberta May Be the Site of New Tesla Superchargers

According to Fitzhugh Jasper, the Alberta city could be home to a new Tesla Supercharger station. Jasper does have five different Level 2 charging stations currently in operation. However, the new proposal would bring an additional eight Level 3 charging stations to the city. Key representatives at Tesla and ATCO brought the idea forward to the […]

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Starting March 13th in the United States

image via Daniel Cardenas on Wikipedia Tesla appears to be ahead of schedule with its Model Y deliveries. As initially announced, the company planned to begin deliveries for US customers on March 15th. However, several Tesla customers are reporting that their deliveries have been scheduled for Friday, March 13th. It looks like all model interior […]

Video Shows Off Tesla Model Y Exterior Features

The YouTube account Tesla Backseatballer has just uploaded a video showing off some of the new features of the Tesla Model Y. As you probably know by now, buyers are excited as Model Y deliveries are set to begin in just a few days. While some details such as the Model Y dimensions, weight, and […]

Tesla Has Some New Trouble in China Over Downgraded Model 3 Chips

Tesla has found its way into some new trouble among the Chinese government. When the electric vehicle manufacturer failed to outfit some Model 3’s with the latest computer chip, people were angry. The issue resulted from a problem with Tesla’s supply chain in China. Tesla initially owned up to the snafu and assured buyers to […]