Tutorial: Using the Steering Wheel in the Tesla Model Y and Button Controls

The new Tesla Model Y is full of new features. As such, many drivers are still learning all the ins and outs. In this week’s tutorial, we’ll take a look at the different options and controls available to drivers of the Tesla Model Y. Feel free to follow along with the Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual.

Scroll buttons on the left and right sides of the steering wheel represent key controls for the vehicle. For example, the left scroll button controls the volume of the speakers and song controls. But the button also controls more important features such as the mirror positions and angle of the headlights.

The right scroll button maintains control over the car’s voice commands. Responsibility for critical Traffic-Aware Cruise Control features also falls to the right scroll button.

To adjust the steering wheel position follow these steps, as outlined on page 51 of the Model Y Owner’s Manual.

  1. Touch Controls on the vehicle’s touchscreen
  2. Navigate Controls > Quick Controls > Adjustments > Steering Wheel
  3. Use the left scroll button on the wheel to adjust the wheel’s position to your desired outcome
  4. To adjust the height and tilt of the wheel, roll the left button up or down
  5. To move the wheel closer or further, press the left scroll button to the left or right

These are just some of the most important controls to be aware of in regards to the Model Y steering wheel. There are several more features to explore. All of them can be found in the Model Y Owner’s Manual.