Tesla Informs Employees About Unemployment Benefits Risk [VIDEO]

As coronavirus lockdowns continue to cause trouble for electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc., the company took the time to warn some of its employees. The resulting economic damage caused by the virus creates an environment where some Tesla employees may have their unemployment benefits at risk. A new video from economic specialists at Yahoo! Finance examines the subject in depth.

YouTube video

In order to claim unemployment benefits, employees must be let go by their company. Because of the unique situation presented by the current pandemic, this is not happening for many Tesla employees. As a result, their benefits are in danger.

Tesla gives its employees the option to stay home from work. However, the company encourages employees to return to work if they’re healthy. The electric vehicle manufacturer released thorough health and safety guidelines in order to ensure a smooth transition back to work.

As the video states, unemployment rates in the United States remain high amid the pandemic. The idea for state sovereignty over unemployment benefits returns as a subject of consideration throughout the video. Several underlying issues related to income inequality further complicate the issue. In any case, Tesla plans to get back to work as soon as possible while also remaining safe.