Petersen Automotive Museum Extends Cybertruck Display to July 5th

The Tesla Cybertruck stands tall as a milestone in electric vehicle innovation. Although the vehicle has not yet seen public release, its name has generated excitement since its initial reveal. The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California put the electric truck on display June 19th as part of its grand reopening following coronavirus shutdowns. […]

Will Tesla Get Into Lithium Mining for Battery Production?

image via Tesla’s battery technology has seen some major strides in recent years. The company has progressed leaps and bounds when looking back at its first electric vehicle, the Tesla Roadster. The new Model Y serves as evidence to the company’s improved batteries. Some of the latest China-made Tesla vehicles also serve to demonstrate […]

Elon Musk Says “Major” Supercharger Increases Coming for Greater L.A.

Tesla Superchargers have revolutionized modern transportation in many ways. While Tesla vehicles are certainly state of the art, the company’s network of charging stations has played a major role in electric vehicle adoption both in North America and abroad. The demand generated by drivers all over the world acts as a testament to the network’s […]

Tutorial – Driving the Tesla Model Y in Cold Weather

image via Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual The Tesla Model Y offers a versatile driving experience. With an impressive battery range and plentiful storage options, the electric SUV can handle all kinds of road trips. But what about driving in cold weather? In this week’s tutorial, we’ll take a look at some best practices for […]

Tesla Model Y Deliveries Arrive for Owners in Victoria, B.C.

We’ve already seen the first Tesla Model Y delivered in Canada earlier this month and now more and more are making their away to owners across British Columbia, including those in the province’s capital of Victoria. One of the first Model Y deliveries for a resident in Victoria took place on June 22, 2020. According...

Tesla Model Y Reviewed in Canada: “Best Tesla Ever” [VIDEO]

The first Tesla Model Y deliveries made their way to Canada earlier this month and now we have one of the first video reviews from Toronto-based Tesla Owners Online’s Trevor Page. The 20-minute video has Page review one of the first Model Y units delivered in Toronto, Ontario. Page reviews the Model Y with...

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Spoiler Hits Online Store for $800 USD

Tesla has launched online sales of a standalone carbon fiber spoiler for the Model 3, available for $800 USD in the United States. "Improve high-speed stability by adding the carbon fiber spoiler to your trunk lid. Made from lightweight, cross-woven carbon fiber with a matte epoxy finish,” explains Tesla’s website. The $800 USD price tag...

Tesla Model Y Tow Package Hits Online Store for $1,200 USD

The Tesla Model Y has seen some upgrades and additions roll out since its initial release in March of 2020. The vehicle operates as a daily driver and a family sport utility vehicle for many drivers, separating it from Tesla’s sportier rides. As a result, many drivers were disappointed to see that the initial launch […]

Elon Musk Praises Cybertruck Boat Concept

Elon Musk is a busy man. He runs several major companies and just had a newborn son. But the Tesla CEO still makes plenty of time for engaging with fans on social media. As an avid Twitter user, the CEO and project architect has long attracted attention for posting some of his controversial views and […]

Tesla Employees Fired After Absences Related to COVID-19: Report

Tesla’s battle with the novel coronavirus isn’t over just yet. The company has had a tumultuous year. Much of their complications have been brought on as a result of the coronavirus outbreak both in North America and elsewhere. The company had to shut down its main production facility in Fremont, California. The effects of the […]

Tesla Software Update 2020.24.6.1 Hands-On Review [VIDEO]

image via Black Tesla on YouTube Tesla’s latest software update brings some stunning new features to the table. Not only does the update introduce some revolutionary new Autopilot features, but it also enhances camera functions for drivers. In a new video review from Black Tesla on YouTube, viewers get an in-depth look into the update’s […]