Tesla Recalls Nearly 200,000 Cars in China Over Trunk Issues



Tesla is recalling 199,741 imported Model S and Model 3 vehicles in China over safety hazards involving the front trunk (or “frunk,” as Tesla calls it) and the rear trunk — reports CnEVPost.

The electric vehicle (EV) pioneer has filed a recall plan with China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), citing an issue with the Model S that can cause the frunk lid on affected vehicles to suddenly open while in motion, and a possibly weak rear trunk wiring harness on the Model 3 that can break back-up camera functionality.

Both of the problems cited can, in extreme cases, increase the risk of a collision and therefore pose a safety hazard.

This looks to be an extension of a stateside recall for 475,318 Model 3 and Model S cars announced on Thursday by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

According to the plan, the recall covers 19,697 Model S units produced between January 21, 2015, and November 18, 2020, 35,836 imported Model 3 electric vehicles produced between October 4, 2018, and November 20, 2019, and 144,208 locally-produced Model 3 units with production dates between October 14, 2019, and December 27, 2020.

The recalled Model S units can have a manufacturing defect where the frunk latch is slightly misaligned with its buckle, which results in the primary latch locking fine but the second latch not locking properly.

If the primary latch is accidentally released while the secondary latch is not completely secured, the frunk lid may suddenly open. If that happens while the vehicle is in motion, it could affect the driver’s line of sight and increase the risk of a collision.

As for the recalled Model 3 units, their trunk lid can cause excessive wear on the trunk wiring harness after repeated use over a long period of time, and that can lead to the rear-view camera not working properly if the inner core of the coaxial cable is damaged or separated as a result.

Effective immediately, Tesla will start inspecting the recalled vehicles for the aforementioned defects free of charge, realigning the secondary latch for the frunk on the Model S and replacing (or reinforcing) the coaxial cable for the rear-view camera on the Model 3 as needed.

Tesla reportedly sold a whopping 70,500 cars in China during December, while its EVs helped the country reduce carbon emissions by 850,000 tons between January and November of this year.

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