Tesla Service Center Destroyed by ‘Urban Firestorm’ in Colorado [VIDEO]

Image: @rkaplan1 on Twitter

The Tesla Service Center located at 2 Marshall Rd, Superior, CO sustained extensive damage in the recent Boulder County fires that spread quickly and heavily across Marshall and Middle Fork, reports FOX31 Denver.

Take a look at the FOX31‘s coverage of the destroyed Service Center below:

YouTube video

Reddit user InquisitorCOC noted in a recent post that all of the Superchargers installed in the Service Center’s parking lot appear to have survived the fire.

While it is possible that the Superchargers made it out unscathed, the Colorado fires constituted an urban firestorm where strong winds carried embers and heat over substantial distances, which means the Superchargers withstood significant heat (not good for electrical components) and could have been damaged on the inside or rendered unsafe.

Tesla will likely inspect and subsequently repair/replace the on-site Supercharger stations anyway.

The ground is still wet, as can be seen in the video coverage, from the building’s fire suppression system kicking in and running full throttle to mitigate damage.

Rob Kaplan (@rkaplan1), a firefighter who was at the scene, shared an image of the aftermath at the Service Center site after the fire was put out.

The Superior Service Center being out of order for a while could prove detrimental to Tesla customers in the state, especially since the company’s popularity in Colorado has been steadily growing.

Experts are calling the fires in Colorado the return of the “urban firestorm”, as over 100-mile an hour winds pushed fires at an alarming pace.

In 2020, Tesla accounted for 52% of EV sales in the state. The Boulder County Sheriff’s Department has also been testing a Tesla Model Y as a police cruiser since earlier this year.