Tesla Model S Plaid Track Mode Coming in 2021.44.30 Update

According to a recent tweet from Tesla enthusiast and sleuth @tesla_adri, ‘Track Mode’ will make its way to the Model S Refresh (2021+) in software version 2021.44.30, which is presumably going to be the next firmware update Tesla releases following the 2021 Holiday Update, which started rolling out last week.

References to Track Mode for the “Palladium” (Tesla’s code-name for the Refresh project) Model S can be found in the online Model S Owner’s Manual, which was recently updated to software version 2021.44.25.2.

Track Mode is a feature that gives Tesla owners more precise, granular control over how their car behaves so they can get the best performance out of it on the track.

On the Model S Refresh, Track Mode will let drivers customize the all-electric car’s handling by fine-tuning motor balance, stability assist, regenerative braking, and other elements that factor into performance.

According to the Model S Owner’s Manual, Track Mode will also automatically optimize Adaptive Suspension Damping settings for maximum track performance when engaged.

Track Mode for the Model S Refresh has been a long time coming, even though the electric sedan only started delivering in Canada this September. The feature was originally hinted at in Tesla’s online parts catalog back in July.