Tesla Model Y Deliveries are Coming with Protection Film on Door Sills [PIC]

Tesla ppf model y door sills

One Tesla Model Y owner recently took delivery of their compact crossover SUV, only to find their front door sills now having paint protection film (PPF) installed on them.

“I just realized this, aren’t the door sill panels [supposed] to have Model Y on them?”, said Shane L. from the Tesla Model Y Canadian Group on Facebook, detailing his December 1, 2021 delivery of his Model Y.

After taking a closer look at his Model Y door sill at the suggestion of another group member there was glossy PPF installed, Shane said, “this makes sense there is PPF on it, I didn’t think it would hide the Model Y text.”

Here’s what Tesla’s Model Y door sill look like below:

CleanShot 2022 01 02 at 09 12 56

Tesla also recently launched sales of its Model Y illuminated door sills at the cost of $250 USD.

For Tesla owners in colder climates, the company has been including an all weather protection kit, which includes rear PPF and also front mud flaps, free of charge, to further protect vehicles from inclement weather. Now, it appears PPF on door sills is being installed free of charge, as one other Model Y owner also said their door sills also had PPF installed.

Did your Model Y delivery include PPF installed on door sills?