Watch Jamie Foxx Test Drive a Tesla Model 3 Performance [VIDEO]

With technology constantly evolving, more celebrities like Jamie Foxx are now getting into the electric vehicle (EV) Industry! Foxx uploaded a video on YouTube late Thursday where he was his usual funny self, trying out a Tesla Model 3 performance owned by one of his friends.   This was an interesting test drive for him. […]

Tesla Inches Closer to S&P 500 Inclusion After Surprise Q2

Tesla has attracted the attention of many investors, with the general public becoming interested in buying shares as well (through third-party apps like Robinhood), as the stock has been on fire lately. Tesla absolutely surpassed expectations with their Q2 (second quarter) results, rising about 6% after trading finished on Wednesday. As reported on Yahoo Finance, […]

Tesla Accuses Rivian of Stealing Trade Secrets in New Lawsuit

Having raised nearly $6 billion in funding, Rivian is an electric vehicle manufacturer that is set to release new electric vehicles next year. The company has also secured a deal with a major investor Amazon for 100,000 delivery vans. Tesla has recently accused Rivian of job poaching (essentially stealing employees) and acquiring insider information. According […]

Tesla to Build Next Gigafactory in Austin, Texas Says Elon Musk

After down to two choices for its next Gigafactory, Tesla has announced it has selected Austin, Texas, as the next site to produce its upcoming Cybertruck and Semi. CEO Elon Musk made the announcement on Tesla’s Q2 earnings call. The new location in Austin will be five minutes from the city’s airport and span 2,000...

Tesla Teams Up with Tencent’s ‘Game of Peace’ for Model 3 Skins

It looks like Tesla is also hitting the gaming industry at full speed! Tesla has been working closely with the world’s largest video game company Tencent. Recently, a promotional video for Tencent’s ‘Game of Peace’ was uploaded on YouTube by Jason Yang: The video focuses a lot on this airdropped mystery package, which is the […]

Elon Musk Teases Render of Las Vegas Convention Center Underground Loop

Last month, Elon Musk’s The Boring Company, had its new high-speed tunnel project approved. Connecting Rancho Cucamonga and the Ontario International Airport, it will include electric vans for the transportation of passengers. San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman stated that both The Boring Company and Tesla was working on these new vehicles. As reported by […]

Tesla Pop-Up Trailer Store Debuts in Warsaw, Poland

Tesla pop-up stores aren’t necessarily a new concept, dating as far back as 2015. With deployable stores and showrooms previously set up throughout Europe, Tesla may be looking to further establish this pop-up concept. Recently, Daniel Grzyb uploaded a video on YouTube about this Tesla pop-up store inside a trailer: This trailer pop-up store was […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Qualifies for Unprecedented $2.1 Billion USD Payout

Tesla CEO Elon Musk qualified for an unprecedented payout of $2.1 billion USD yesterday, his second bonus since May from the company following its incredible stock surge. A new report from Reuters notes that Tesla’s six-month average market capitalization officially surpassed $150 billion today, triggering the vesting of the second of 12 tranches of options granted to […]

Tesla Reportedly Plans New Model S and Model X Codenamed ‘Palladium’

After keeping their secret Roadrunner project under wraps, information about a new Tesla project (codenamed “Palladium”) has been revealed. It is currently being developed at Gigafactory Nevada and the Fremont Factory. The project is to include improved Model S and Model X Plaid vehicles, with new battery and drive components. Tesla already began working on […]

Aurora Begins Test Drives For Robotrucking Service, Expands to Texas

Aurora has worked towards developing self-driving technology for passenger vehicles. The Palo Alto-based company recently made an announcement that they would begin tests of trucks in Texas, starting in the Dallas-Fort Worth region as reported by Forbes. Texas plays a huge role in the transportation of goods, while keeping a close eye on the safety […]

SpaceX Catches Both Fairing Halves of Falcon 9 Launch for the First Time

Fairing plays a huge role in rocket launches. Acting as a two-piece protective layer, SpaceX has designed two fairing halves with special netting to catch them when they fall. Without any programming beforehand, fairing halves use a parachute to slow them down. Ships must be positioned correctly to catch these. SpaceX finally managed to catch […]