Tesla Model S Plaid Track Mode Tests: Drifting and Top Speed Runs [VIDEOS]



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Now that Tesla has started rolling out its Track Mode for its Model S Plaid, we’re starting to see more hands-on reviews of the feature that previously was only available for the Model 3 Performance.

DragTimes has shared a video of Track Mode on the Model S Plaid, hitting a speed of 173 mph (just shy of the new 175 mph limit) and also Drift Mode, allowing the sedan to do donuts in a parking lot.

You can check out other reviews of Track Mode for Model S Plaid below…and some have concluded Track Mode appears to be slower versus Drag Strip Mode? Some testing on the TMC forums also saw similar results.

Track Mode for the Model S Plaid is included with software update 2021.44.30. Tesla previously explained, “With Plaid Track Mode our goals were simple: achieve the quickest lap time for a production electric vehicle at Germany’s Nürburgring, and allow individual adjustability of stability control, handling balance and regenerative braking to give drivers more authority over vehicle control at the racetrack.”

Tesla recommends owners purchase the company’s Model S Plaid Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit and Model 3 Track Package for the “most ultimate track experience.”

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