Model Y

Tesla Calling Canadians About Upcoming Model Y Deliveries

Local Tesla sales centres in Canada continue to call Canadians about upcoming Model Y deliveries. Earlier this morning, William E. shared on Facebook he received a call from the Tesla sales centre in Calgary. The company informed him he would be the first Model Y owner in Alberta, with his red Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive model....

Canadian Tesla Model Y Deliveries are Still on Schedule for Mid-2020

The coronavirus outbreak in North America and elsewhere has certainly affected Tesla Inc.’s production capacities. Earlier in March, the electric vehicle manufacturer had to shut down its production facility in Fremont, California. They also furloughed a substantial number of contractors in Nevada. However, for Canadian buyers of the Tesla Model Y, it looks as though […]

What’s Inside the Tesla Model Y Wireless Charger? [VIDEO]

Of course the new Tesla Model Y interior has lots to offer drivers. The sleek design and impressive performance are certainly positive attributes. But the interior of the vehicle also has a fair bit of perks. One such perk is the wireless charging capabilities. In a new video from i1Tesla, viewers get a closer view […]

Former GM Engineer Compares Tesla Model Y and Model 3 [VIDEO]

Of course, there are many ways in which the Tesla Model Y stands out from previous Tesla electric vehicles. When compared to the Model 3, it’s easy to see some simple differences and commonalities. However, when examined and compared by a former GM engineer, some of these differences become that much more obvious. In a […]

Tesla Model Y Roof Rack Reviewed in New Hands-On Video

There are a few notable accessories drivers can add to their new Tesla Model Y. In addition to updated add on features such as the tow hitch, and third party accessories like the Tesmat, drivers have many customization options. A new video posted by i1Tesla on YouTube gives viewers some insights into the Tesla Model […]

What Is It Like to Drive the Tesla Model Y? [VIDEO]

  The Tesla Model Y continues to generate curiosity for people of all kinds. Those with some experience with Tesla’s electric vehicles have already noted some new features such as the wheel wells and the storage space. A new video review posted to YouTube by Rocketman gives viewers an insight into the driving experience of […]

How Does the Tesla Model Y Rank as a Family SUV? [VIDEO]

The Tesla Model Y brought a lot of attention to the current landscape of different electric vehicle formats. More popular offerings such as the Tesla Model S and Model X presented an electric vehicle that appeared more centered on style and performance than day to day driving. While this stylistic choice certainly suited some consumers, […]

Edmunds Reviews the Tesla Model Y [VIDEO]

The release of the Tesla Model Y continues to provide drivers and prospective buyers with more information on the new electric vehicle. We’ve already seen detailed walkthrough videos, measurements and break downs, and informative performance tests. In a new video from Edmunds, viewers get a comprehensive review from a trusted automobile review source. First things […]

The Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch Has Arrived

When the Tesla Model Y launched in March 2020, drivers were impressed with the electric vehicle. The sleek design features and impressive performance stats made for a successful release from Tesla. However, some drivers were perturbed by one missing component: a tow hitch. But the good news continues for Model Y owners as Tesla has […]

Video Shows Handsfree Tailgate Control of Tesla Model Y

Drivers of the new Tesla Model Y have been wondering how to open the trunk of their electric vehicle without using their hands. While the feature wasn’t built into the stock version of the Model Y (or any other Tesla vehicle, for that matter) a new video shows a workaround. While some people may have […]