Tesla Stops Including Rear License Plate Frames with Model 3/Y Deliveries

Tesla no longer provides a rear license plate frame with new deliveries, it appears. That’s according to information shared on the Tesla Model 3 Vancouver Facebook page.

User ‘JiN’ writes their friend picked up a Model Y Performance yesterday, but it lacked the free chrome license plate holder that usually is branded “Model Y” or “Model 3”. Tesla sells this license plate frame on its website as an accessory for $40 USD each.

According to a Tesla advisor we spoke with, they confirmed that new deliveries will not have a rear license plate frame. But we were told this wasn’t a permanent change.

Tesla continues to iterate on its vehicles, offering new changes over time. Just recently, Fremont Model Y builds starting to include the new interior door trim found on Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin builds. Also, the Model Y Long Range now has matrix headlights.

Some customers of new Tesla Model 3 and Model Y deliveries already purchase third-party frames from retailers such as Amazon to customize their vehicles.

If you took delivery of a Model 3 or Model Y in the past few days, or will soon be accepting a new build, let us know in the comments if your car came included with a rear license plate frame or not.