Tesla Shares Audio Clips of ‘Normal Operating Sounds’ in Vehicle User Manuals

tesla normal operating sounds

Tesla recently updated their vehicle manuals to now show sample audio clips of “normal operating sounds” in its cars. The audio clips are in manuals for the Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y (via Reddit).

In the Model Y manual, for example, Tesla explains “While your Model Y is incredibly quiet, it is not completely silent. There are some sounds your vehicle makes as part of its normal daily operation and are not a cause for concern.”

The company goes on to say, “Below is a list of possible normal operating sounds your vehicle could make based on where the sound is coming from.”

Climate Controls and Temperature Regulation

  • Humming, Whirring, or Wooshing Sound While Parked
  • Humming, Whirring, or Wooshing Sound From Front of Vehicle (Parked or While Driving)

Battery and Charging

  • Clicking, Clunking, or Thumping Sound From Floor of Vehicle
  • Banging, Clunking, Popping, or Thumping Noise While Supercharging


  • Vibration Sound/Feeling in Steering Wheel While Driving
  • Whirring or Whining While Driving at Low Speeds (if Equipped with Pedestrian Warning System)

Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

  • Creaking or Cranking From the Tires or Brakes
  • Noise in Driver’s Footwell When Brake is Pressed

Tesla goes on to explain, “This is a general guide to help you understand common sounds you may hear from your vehicle during its normal course of operation. It is not a diagnosis of your vehicle. If you wish to schedule an appointment with Tesla Service for any reason, contact your local service center.”

Each audio clip can be played and also downloaded. For new Tesla owners, hearing some weird clunking sounds while your car is parked or charging can be a bit unnerving, but it’s all normal.

What are some of your favorite random sounds from your Tesla?