Tesla 4680 Battery Cell Teardown Reveals Collector Layout [VIDEO]

Photo: Munro Live

Sandy Munro and his team have been in a weeks-long deep dive into Tesla’s 4680 battery cells and a new video on the topic looks at the current collectors used to send electricity from the batteries.

In a new video, the Munro Live team looked at the overall layout of the Model Y 4680 battery cell current collectors beneath the cells themselves.

Hosted by Munro & Associates President Cory Steuben and Senior Engineer Antonio DiNunno, the video shows the battery pack stripped of the insulating pink foam — revealing a layer of conductive connecting ports beneath the layer of batteries.

DiNunno also breaks down the welding and overall layout of the collectors, noting that the electrical routes are made up of nine cells in parallel.

The parallel current collectors make up a unique tessellating pattern, with each of the nine-collector paths separated from each other.

Additionally, the current collectors are welded directly to the cells, which DiNunno says was an improvement from the Model 3 that reduces failure points.

After a handful of attempts at tearing down the 4680 battery cell over a few weeks, the Munro team came out with a video last month saying the process was more difficult than they had planned.

You can see the full video from Munro & Associates depicting the 4680 battery cell current collector layout below.