Tesla Model Y 4680 Battery Cell Weighs 355 Grams

Sandy “Teardown Titan” Munro and his team at Munro & Associates have finally succeeded in extracting a 4680 battery cell from the structural battery pack of the Tesla Model Y they have been tearing down for roughly the past month now.

The folks over at Munro Live shared an image on Twitter announcing the arrival of their “first-born” 4680 battery cell after four weeks of labor. They even put googly eyes on the cell for good measure. Munro & Associates found that the solitary cell weighed 355g (12.5 ounces) and measured 80mm long (making up the ’80’ from 4680).

A labor of love it certainly was, considering they’ve been trying to dissect the Model Y’s new 4680 structural battery pack for weeks now. Earlier this week, Munro & Associates said that getting to individual 4680 battery cells in the Tesla Model Y’s structural battery pack was “more difficult than they thought.”

“Taking this apart is a miserable deal,” Sandy Munro said of the 4680 structural battery pack in his last video, where he finally managed to get under the pink adhesive foam Tesla pumps the battery pack full of for insulation.

We will no doubt be getting a video of Munro and the team taking the structural battery pack apart and walking us through the process of pulling out each individual cell soon.

Another publication recently revealed some key specs of Tesla’s 4680 battery cells, so you can take a look at those in the meantime.