Model X

German Regulator Looks into Tesla Touchscreen Failures, Report Says

According to a KBA spokesman, the German motor transport authority has launched an inquiry into the safety risks associated with possible touchscreen failure on Tesla’s vehicles, formally asking the electric car manufacturer for information on the matter (via Reuters). The issue being investigated is a Media Control Unit (MCU) failure that renders Tesla’s touchscreens completely […]

Tesla Slashes Price of Model S/X Infotainment Upgrade by 40%

Tesla has slashed the price of its Model S and Model X Infotainment Upgrade by $1,000 USD. According to an update on Tesla’s Infotainment Upgrade page, the new price is showing as $1,500 USD, down 40% compared to before, at $2,500. “Owners of compatible vehicles can schedule an appointment through the Tesla app for purchase […]

Quick Tour: 2021 Tesla Model X Performance [VIDEO]

In a video shared Tuesday by Oscar Lax, the host shares his 2021 Tesla Model X Performance as well as some of its new features as compared to prior editions of the vehicle. The video takes viewers through a quick tour of the new Model X, showing off both exterior and interior updates. The host […]

Tesla Raises Price on European Model S, Model 3, Model X

Just a short month ago, Tesla fans were raving about across-the-board price drops for Tesla’s cars. Now, we’re seeing quite the opposite, though the spiked price may come with some new features to look forward to. On Wednesday, it was reported that Tesla had raised prices substantially on its Model X and Model S units […]

Tesla Issues Model Y, Model X Recalls Totalling 9,500 U.S. Vehicles

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said earlier this month that it would be expanding an earlier probe into Tesla’s vehicles. Now, Tesla has issued two recalls as instructed by the NHTSA on Wednesday, totalling 9,500 US vehicles, as reported by Reuters. The first and larger of the two recalls accounts for 9,136 Model […]

Tesla to Debut Model S/X Radio Upgrade to Bring Back FM Radio

Tesla’s Infotainment Upgrade is for Model S and Model X owners with vehicles built March 2018 or earlier and costs $2,500 USD. This MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade brings an updated computer for Model S and Model X owners, to allow for streaming videos, an expanded Tesla Arcade and more. The biggest upgrade is the ability […]

Tesla Model X Gets Range Increase to 371 Miles

After quietly launching a refreshed Model 3 with new features and increased range, plus adding to the range of the Model Y, Tesla has also increased the range of its Model X, making recent rumours come to life. Tesla’s Model X is now listing the Long Range Plus with a range of 371 miles (was […]