Tesla Launches Model S/X Long Range Sales in Europe

As Tesla continues plans to expand into markets around the world, the U.S. automaker is bringing updated options for its Model S and X vehicles to Europe.

Tesla now again offers the Model S and X Long Range variants available for buyers in Europe, as spotted by @Tesla Club Denmark on Thursday. Other countries such as Germany and Switzerland also have the Long Range variants available to order.

The Model S Long Range is priced at DKK 1,275,696 ($180,403 USD) while the Model X Long Range starts at a price of DKK 1,355,696 ($191,742 USD).

The Tesla Model S and X Plaid variants launched in Europe just a few weeks ago. The flagship and high-end Model S and Model X are produced at Tesla’s Fremont plant in California, then shipped overseas to Europe.

Certain color options, interiors, seat layouts and other variant features have increased in price, such as the Midnight Silver Metallic which previously cost DKK 12,600, but now costs DKK 17,600.

The news comes after Tesla set a European sales record in the fourth quarter for a 70-percent increase year over year. Tesla’s Model Y was also a best-selling vehicle in Europe for multiple months last year.

Tesla reached a milestone of producing 3,000 Model Y units per week at its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg last month,

In recent months, Supercharger prices have been increasing across many European countries, just as the U.S. automaker has begun piloting programs to let non-Tesla drivers use the proprietary network.

Yesterday, Tesla also brought back the steering wheel option for the Model S and Model X, along with a $700 USD retrofit for existing owners with a Yoke Steering Wheel. Model S/X Plaid versions now also include red brake calipers that are now better able to handle heat, says Tesla.

The automaker also reduced prices heavily in China, and other parts of Asia as well yesterday, in what looks to be a way to spur demand for its vehicles.