Tesla Model S and Model X Plaid Launch in Europe [VIDEO]

model s/x plaid europe

We’ve been sharing news about Tesla’s Model S and Model X Plaid launching Europe, but now the automaker has officially shared a video detailing the debut.

On Thursday, Tesla shared a video saying, “Deliveries of the new Model S and Model X have started in Europe.” The video shows customers reacting to the acceleration of Plaid versions of the company’s flagship sedan and SUV.

Check it out below:

YouTube video

We’ve already seen early hands-on reviews of the Model S and Model X Plaid on the German Autobahn, hitting some insane top speeds.

Tesla’s 2022 holiday software update also brings Steam Beta for new Model S and Model X vehicles, enabling true PC gaming inside their cars.

The 2022 Tesla holiday software update also includes Dog Mode Cabin Camera and Light Show Orchestra, videos you can check out below:

YouTube video

YouTube video