Tesla Updating Order Agreements to Reflect Latest Price Drops

Tesla order agreement 2023

Image via Reddit (credit: unknown)

Tesla made drastic price cuts across its entire vehicle line up on Thursday evening, and now the company is informing those with existing Order Agreements their cars will be updated with the latest pricing, informing customers in the U.S., Canada and Europe where these price drops took place.

According to an email sent out by Tesla to owners and seen by Tesla North, the email says, “Your Model 3 Order Agreement will be updated within 48 hours with our latest pricing making your Tesla more affordable. You can review your Order Agreement anytime in your Tesla Account under ‘Documents’.”

This means if you have not taken delivery of your new Tesla yet, you will benefit from the new pricing that is far lower than before.

Below are the price drops that took place yesterday for Model 3/Y and Model S/X, before the $7,500 federal rebate in the U.S.:

Model 3

  • RWD: $43,990 (was $46,990; $3,000 drop, -6.4%)
  • Performance: $53,990 (was $62,990; $11,000 drop, -14%)

Model Y

  • Long Range: $52,990 (was $65,990; $13,000 drop, -20%)
  • Performance: $56,990 (was $69,990; $13,000 drop, -19%)
  • Standard Range AWD 4680 Existing Inventory: $50,990 (was $63,990; $13,000 drop, -20%)

Other changes for Model 3 and Model Y:

  • For Model 3 and Model Y, the color Midnight Silver Metallic is no longer free, as it’s $1,000 for the upgrade
  • The 7-seat option for Model Y has also increased by $1,000 to $4,000 (was $3,000)
  • Model 3 in Canada now starts at $54,990 CAD, and qualifies for $5,000 federal iZEV rebate ($55,000 CAD threshold) and rebates in B.C. and Quebec again.

Model S

  • Long Range: $94,990 (was $104,990; $10,000 drop, -9.5%)
  • Plaid: $114,990 (was $135,990; $21,000 drop, -15.4%)

Model X

  • Long Range: $109,990 (was $120,990; $11,000 drop, -9.1%)
  • Plaid: $119,990 (was $138,990; $20,000 drop, -13.7%)

Did you receive this email from Tesla noting your Order Agreement pricing is being updated?