Stories by Sarah Lee-Jones

Tesla U.S. Sales and Delivery Employees Furloughed Due to Coronavirus

Earlier in March, production halted at Tesla’s main U.S. production facility in Fremont, California. The company recently announced furloughs for around half of its sales and delivery staff. The news follows a further spread of the novel coronavirus across the United States and North America. Due to the global pandemic, Tesla has already been forced […]

Edmunds Reviews the Tesla Model Y [VIDEO]

The release of the Tesla Model Y continues to provide drivers and prospective buyers with more information on the new electric vehicle. We’ve already seen detailed walkthrough videos, measurements and break downs, and informative performance tests. In a new video from Edmunds, viewers get a comprehensive review from a trusted automobile review source. First things […]

The Tesla Model Y Tow Hitch Has Arrived

When the Tesla Model Y launched in March 2020, drivers were impressed with the electric vehicle. The sleek design features and impressive performance stats made for a successful release from Tesla. However, some drivers were perturbed by one missing component: a tow hitch. But the good news continues for Model Y owners as Tesla has […]

Tesla Completes Record March Sales in China

: With many challenges facing electric vehicle manufacturers and the world at large, Tesla managed to report record March sales in China last month. Despite fears of the coronavirus outbreak and a host of complications caused by supply chain interruptions, sales for Tesla remained strong. According to a recent piece reported by Yahoo! Finance, “The […]

Video Shows Handsfree Tailgate Control of Tesla Model Y

Drivers of the new Tesla Model Y have been wondering how to open the trunk of their electric vehicle without using their hands. While the feature wasn’t built into the stock version of the Model Y (or any other Tesla vehicle, for that matter) a new video shows a workaround. While some people may have […]

What’s New Tesla 2020.12.5 Update Cheetah Mode [VIDEO]

Tesla enthusiasts are happy to see a new software update. With update 2020.12.5, a number of upgrades became available. New additions to the dashcam provide drivers with even greater flexibility. For drivers of the Model X Performance, Cheetah Mode also adds some new performance enhancements. A new video from i1Tesla shows viewers everything they need […]

Revealed: Inside Tesla’s Shanghai Gigafactory 3 [VIDEO]

There have been some recent changes to Tesla’s operations both in North America and around the world. Many of these changes are owed to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Earlier in the year, Tesla experienced an interruption in their supply chain in China. The snafu led to some frustrated customers. In the United States, Tesla […]

How to Open Your Tesla Model Y Trunk with Apple’s Siri

The new Tesla Model Y brings a load of new features. As an electric vehicle manufacturer, Tesla remains ahead of the curve in nearly every regard. Whether you’re looking at the latest Tesla Autopilot developments, or the simple performance efficiency of the Model Y, there’s no denying the vehicle is quite impressive. However, there’s a […]

Model Y Heat Pump vs Model 3 eAC Compressor [VIDEO]

There has been lots of talk about the new Model Y heat pump. For one, the addition makes the Model Y more friendly to those driving in winter climates. It also aids in making the vehicle more efficient. But how does the Model Y heat pump stack up against the Model 3’s eAC? Another excellent […]

Every Tesla Model Y Measurement Both Inside and Out Detailed [VIDEO]

Owners of the new Tesla Model Y are doing all that they can to analyze every aspect of the vehicle. We’ve already seen comprehensive video walk throughs. We’ve also gotten some detailed performance and speed tests.  A new video from YouTuber Ryan Shaw walks viewers through the complete measurements of the Tesla Model Y. As […]

Tesla Model Y Wheel Wells Get Closer Look in New Video

New owners of the Tesla Model Y carry on with their explorations of the electric vehicle. We’ve seen everything from demonstrations of the vehicle’s off road potential, to walk throughs of the vehicle’s aeroshields. In a new video from i1Tesla, viewers get a closer look at the Model Y wheel wells. With the […]

Tesla Receives Reprimand for HAL9000 Sentry Mode Image

image via 2001: A Space Odyssey Tesla’s Sentry Mode provides essential security measures for drivers both inside and outside of their vehicle. However, in a new reprimand, Tesla has been forced to switch the image it’s been using on the vehicle’s main display. That’s right, after contact from MGM studios, Tesla changed the image from […]