Tesla’s Giga Texas Factory to Start Production Next Week: Report

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, is said to start production next week, according to drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer, who has been tracking the construction of the site.

“Breaking: A bit of news I just heard at the site today… actual production for Giga Texas starts next week! They are driving finished cars inside the factory already and several completed cars are already at testing sites out of state getting crash and other testing completed,” said Tegtmeyer on Friday.

Tegtmeyer previously shared an image of a new Model Y test body without a bottom floor, being transported at the site, suggesting Tesla was ready to produce or test cars with its new 4680 structural battery pack. Tesla is slated to produce its Model Y and Cybertruck at its new Gigafactory in Austin.

Here’s a video of the Giga Texas site from December 29, 2021: