Stories by Peter McGuthrie

First Tesla Seen Entering Las Vegas Boring Company Tunnel

In a video originally shared to Reddit and Twitter by user @ArmandVervaeck, and reposted by @LasVegasLocally, two Teslas are seen entering the first Las Vegas Boring Company tunnel (via Tesmanian). First 2 Teslas entering the @boringcompany tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center. — Las Vegas Locally 🌴 (@LasVegasLocally) October 21, 2020 Many on […]

Tesla Model 3 Dominates Electric Vehicle Sales in Iceland

Iceland recently ranked 10th in countries with the most Tesla Cybertruck preorders. Despite the surprising feat, Iceland has also seen a major uptick in EV sales, and the shift isn’t likely to change anytime soon. In 2020 in Iceland, PEV sales are up 44% year-over-year, with the Tesla Model 3 leading the market with 63% […]

Swedish Sightseeing Boat Uses Tesla Model S Batteries to Go Electric

With all the exciting electric vehicle (EV) news out there right now, it’s easy to forget that cars aren’t the only method of transportation getting an electric makeover. Swedish tour boat company, Eco Sightseeing Stockholm AB, has used recycled Tesla Model S battery cells to bring an all-electric passenger boat to life, as reported by […]

Tesla Tops Traditional Automakers in Top 100 Global Brands List

In a new feat, Tesla has landed itself a number 40 spot on the 2020 Interbrands Top 100 global brands list, heading back into the coveted brands list. The news should be meaningful for the electric vehicle (EV) and clean energy brand, especially after being snubbed by the S&P 500 committee. Still, the company is […]

LG Chem Plans to Triple Production Capacity of Batteries

After a record-breaking Q3, it’s only expected that global electric vehicle (EV) battery supplier, LG Chem Ltd, would be looking to start making some moves. On Wednesday, EV battery manufacturer for Tesla and a number of other EV companies, announced plans to triple production capacity for its cylindrical EV batteries, according to Yahoo Finance. The […]

New Jersey Calls for Gas Car Sales Ban by 2035

After recent news of California’s plan to ban new gas car sales by 2035, the hope is that other states will start stepping up to keep up with the precedent. On Monday, New Jersey officials called for a plan which would place a ban on new gas car sales by 2035, according to E&E News. […]

Tesla Model Y in Camo Wrap Spotted Near Company’s Design Studio

With so many exciting developments in progress, it can be hard to keep up with all the news of Tesla units to come. Leaving the Tesla Design Studio in California, Twitter user @teslaphotografr spotted what many believe might be a wrapped Euro Model Y test vehicle on Tuesday. Users on Twitter speculated as to just […]

Microsoft and SpaceX to Join Forces on Low-Earth Orbit Satellites

Cloud computing is going to need a name change pretty soon. According to CNET, Microsoft and SpaceX announced Tuesday that they are joining forces to offer cloud computing via spacecraft, as well as numerous satellites through Microsoft’s Azure service. The move is set to place Microsoft in direct competition with Amazon’s spacecraft company Blue Origin, […]

Tesla Raises Supercharging Price in Australia and New Zealand

Recently, Tesla has announced a whole slew of new Supercharger locations around the world, refreshes, price drops, and upgrades to its entire line, as well as the continued progress of its Gigafactory Berlin and Terafactory Texas sites. But with everything going so well for the electric-vehicle (EV) giant, why the need to silently raise charging […]

Tesla Says Model 3 Bumper Falling Off in Puddles Was Design Flaw

Tesla owners have reported a number of surprising bugs and flaws since the company’s inception. Ironically enough, the all-electric car company has had a few recurring, noteworthy problems, many of which have had to do with water. Now, Tesla has admitted fault for a common problem where drivers lose their rear bumper panel after driving […]

California Tesla Registrations Drop 13% in Q3

Tesla hasn’t seemed to have much of a problem delivering vehicles, though news from California in Q3 2020 has some onlookers puzzled and startled. According to Yahoo Finance, Tesla vehicle registrations in the state of California dropped 13% in Q3, as compared to the same period last year. The report was based on data collected […]