Tesla Software Update Contains New Animal Animations Says Hacker

“Meet the Quadrupeddie,” says Tesla news scout @greentheonly (Green) on Twitter. Green discovered a new set of animal animations buried deep within Tesla update 2020.48.35.9, along with a few other things.

On Tuesday, Tesla hacker @greentheonly discovered a new set of animations within Tesla’s 2020.48.35.9 update code, which seems to show a cat/dog with animation features allowing it to walk in its on-board navigation system.

Green claims they have not been able to get the script to run, which will inevitably show the full animation, they did manage to find a cat/dog figure with way too many legs, aptly dubbed the “Quadrupeddie,” which also seems to account for the full animation.

Green also discovered the answer to a long-debated question within the Autopilot and FSD worlds – FSD does, in fact, require the most updated navigation maps available, despite some claiming that not to be the case in recent months.

Regardless, Green’s discovery is an exciting addition to the already-bustling navigation ecosystem offered by Tesla. While seeing a cat/dog for what it is on your infotainment center probably won’t make or break the FSD experience for you, it’s yet another small detail that will help you love your Tesla a little bit more.