Tesla Chairwoman Hopes to Explore Hydrogen Energy



The future of sustainable transportation has largely begun looking to electric vehicles (EVs), though other zero-emissions alternatives have been suggested in the past – and unsuccessfully so, at least thus far.

Sydney, Australia Tesla chair Robyn Denholm hopes to explore more into hydrogen energy vehicles, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald.

This comes after a number of disparaging comments towards the technology from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has stated on Twitter that hydrogen vehicles as an alternative to EVs are “crazy,” and a “big pain in the arse.”

Despite past claims by Musk that hydrogen isn’t worth pursuing, Denholm believes it’s important for Tesla to understand alternative technologies to its own EV-centric business model.

Denholm said, “I’m on the board of Tesla, I understand electric vehicles, I understand energy systems but there’s always been this debate about hydrogen and I’ve heard about it and read a little bit about it.” She continued, “I wanted to understand more about why people think that hydrogen can be a green, a renewable energy source in the future.”

Since 2018, Denholm has served as a chairwoman to Tesla, and while she’s often been seen in opposition to Musk, she also helped the company set up its operations in Shanghai, a major feat for the company. She also gained the public’s attention last year by selling a large portion of her shares in Tesla.


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